Launching Document Crunch 2.0 

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We started Document Crunch with a simple goal: to help you understand and manage contract risk in construction. Our idea was to marry our industry experience and legal expertise with artificial intelligence to make it faster, better, and more accessible. 

To test this idea, we built Document Crunch 1.0—quick and light. We found that it resonates, and we’ve built a growing customer base who relies on us. As we continue to grow, we know there is more we can do to help, as you work on every project, every day. But testing any idea takes iteration, and our first attempt had its limitations. So, to that end… 

We’ve launched Document Crunch 2.0! This new version of our product overcomes the limitations and sets a foundation on which to better serve customers in the future. Along with improvements below the surface, you’ll see some features in your everyday use that will make your Document Crunch experience much better. Here are the big ones: 

No More Waiting to Open a Crunch! 

This was a no-brainer and an annoyance for us, too, so we fixed it. Once crunched, documents open right away. No wait. 

Better Dashboard 

We made several improvements, including filtering, sorting, and fast sharing. And it looks better, too.


Teams make it easier for people to work on Crunches together. Everyone on a team can see all Crunches, so you don’t have to keep sharing with the same people over and over. You can also set up multiple teams to separate the groups and offices you serve. 

Easier Sharing 

When you need to share a Crunch with someone outside of your team, you’ll have an easier time doing so. You can share via a link or email, and you can track activity in the Share Log. 

Smooth Document Layout 

No more switching back and forth from page to page. The Table of Contents, Checklist, and Cheat Sheet are all available on the same page as the document itself, so you can reference a contract’s provisions without all the clicks. 


Collaborate on a contract with your team, centralizing comments and calling out important provisions. Markups allow you to strike through, highlight, and annotate to your heart’s content. 

Linked, Annotated PDFs 

We now include everything along with your PDF. You can download your Crunch and take it anywhere, along with the Table of Contents and even those new Markups. 

So… When Can I Get It? 

We’re working with customers right now to get everyone on this new version, and we’ll make sure your transition is a good one. Please get in touch if you have questions about what’s new or how to get moving with Document Crunch 2.0. Thanks to all our Crunchers, especially those early adopters who have helped us so much. We are looking forward to a great future together!