It’s Crunch Time: Level10 is Joining the Movement

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Let’s make this official: LEVEL10 IS JOINING DOCUMENT CRUNCH! 

What is Level10? Some background… 

In 2019, Trent Miskelly and I (Will Meurer) started Level10, a strategic consulting company focused on supporting founders and early-stage products. We were ready to share our experience in startups, technology, and the construction industry to help companies get to the next level—to achieve their dreams and deliver value to their customers! 

We also wanted to build a company our way, based on our values, working with great people, and eventually maybe our own products. Not because there’s one way to do it best, but because sometimes you want to do things your way—just once. We were successful in our first year, despite the pandemic, working with several awesome teams and moving them forward. 

And since we wanted to work with our favorite people, when Hala Dajani, a beloved former colleague of ours, said she was interested in teaming up with us, we seized the opportunity. She became the third partner at Level10, applying her technical savvy to just about any challenge our clients had. 

We were rolling, starting to consider what products we might want to build, and then Document Crunch came along. On the heels of Josh Levy starting full-time as the CEO, he and Adam Handfinger, his co-founder, engaged Level10 to help move Document Crunch forward, just like we’d done for others. But these guys and this company were different… 

What’s so special about Document Crunch? 

Initially when we talked with Josh and Adam, we did our usual stuff: learned about their business, built a lean UX canvas, defined journey maps, ran a market fit analysis, and the like. We worked with them to understand their customers, how their core competencies fit industry needs, and what the opportunity was. 

We learned about why Document Crunch exists: to help construction companies understand risk and opportunity on their projects, to ensure fair agreements for the benefit of everyone in the industry. Then we saw them work conferences, win awards, and serve customers. The industry was really starting to take notice. 

But it wasn’t just that or the greenfield ahead. We started to get to know Josh and the team—how they work, the culture they were creating, the talent. The team expects a lot from each other and acknowledges contributions. They have a growth mindset, taking on whatever is needed, and they have each other’s back. They were focused on their mission and the change they can make in the construction industry. 

We saw in them the kind of company we wanted to be when we started Level10. We realized Document Crunch has people we want to work with, at a stage in which we can help the most, in an industry we know, with a need for our collective experience and abilities. 

It was a match. 


So, when Josh asked us to join Document Crunch permanently, we jumped right in. Trent will head up Operations, Hala will lead Engineering, and I will oversee Product. 

We’re also fortunate to be joined by two of our other favorite people: Quentin Davis, who was already working with us at Level10, to lead the Machine Learning effort, and Johnny Russell to make sure our product quality is second to none. 

We’re simultaneously ecstatic and humbled to join this team and help make Document Crunch a success. It’s just the kind of place we wanted to build ourselves. Now we have a head start, with a special team, devoted customers, and momentum to build on. 

Let’s goooooooo! 


We’re also hiring! If this sounds like a team you’d like to be a part of, we’d love to talk to you. Check out our current open positions and get in touch.